Google Grants for Non-Profit Organisations

google grants

A lot of people, one way or another, are connected to a non-profit organisation – whether as an employee, volunteer, consumer, or donor. But did you know that Google has a Grants programme that allows up to $10,000 of free Google AdWords each month? – that is over $1 million dollars per year! Is your non-profit organisation making use of this very generous Google grants offer? Read more about Google Grants for non-profit organisations…

5 Signs you Need a New Website

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Your website is now often the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. You only have a few seconds to engage with them before they move away. Get it wrong and it will cost you business. Get it right and your website will become your best marketing tool that runs 24/7. Here are 5 signs which say that it is time for a new website. Read more about the 5 signs you need a new website…

We are Google AdWords Certified

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Google AdWords is one of the most effective marketing tools that your company can use. It is a method of advertising on the internet whereby you pay for a small text ad to appear when a person types in certain words (called keywords). It is rapidly replacing the more traditional form of print advertising in newspapers and magazines. In fact, it is now estimated that over 85% of people use the internet to search for a local business. Read more about Google Ads certification…

Turn your Mobile Phone into a Cash Register

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How you can do it

Are you a tradesman who spends lots of time chasing up payments from customers? Is it affecting your cash flow? Do you wish there was an easy way to receive payment from your customer as soon as the job is completed? If so, you should consider using your mobile phone to do exactly that.

Fairly recent technology now allows you to use your smart phone as a mobile credit card facility. Most of these applications do not require a card reader or card swipe machine. Read more about turning your mobile phone into a cash register…

Google AdWords – The Basics

google ads the basics
How to get started

We are often asked what Google AdWords are and how it can be used to increase business. Google AdWords is an method of advertising on the Internet whereby advertisers pay to have small ads appear when a person types in certain words (called keywords). The ads appear above organic listings and also along the right hand side of the screen.

Above is an example of what an ad might look like if a person types ‘Electrician Melbourne’. Read more about the basics of Google Ads….

Stock Photos

how to use stock photos
What are they?

Stock photos is a term used for photos that are selected from a large catalogue of photos and used for a specific purpose. These purposes include photos for websites, newspaper advertisements and general advertising material. They are purchased as an alternative to using a professional photographer. Stock photos can suit those who are on a tight budget as they are less expensive than hiring a professional photographer. Read more about stock photos…

Can your Business Afford NOT to have a Website?

websites - why you need them
NO, every business needs a website!

When you are a small business, especially if you are just starting out, it is extremely important to keep costs under control. However there are some things you need to spend money on if you want your business to be successful.

If you are a tradie you need to make sure you have good quality reliable tools that will get the job done quickly and to a high standard. If you are setting up a new cafe you definitely have to spend money on a good coffee machine and on decor that makes the cafe inviting. Another essential expense is a website. Read more about whether your small business can afford NOT to have a website…

Online Directory Listings and Tradies

online directories
What you need to know

Have you heard of websites such as (“womo”). Well if you haven’t then you need to find out quickly as they are a great online marketing tool for small businesses especially tradesmen. Womo alone gets around 70,000 visitors every single day!

Listing your business on online directories provides a very effective way for customers to find you. Read more about online directory listings for tradies…

SEO Tips for Tradies & Plumbers

seo search engine optimisation

One of the best ways to develop effective online marketing strategies is to put yourself in the shoes of the type of customer you are trying to attract. Using a plumber as an example we can illustrate simple steps to make a tradie website search engine (SEO) friendly – ie make your website easy to find on the internet.

More than 12,000 people use the internet to search for a plumber in Melbourne every single month. Read more about SEO tips for tradies and plumbers…

Does your small business need a website?

websites why you need one
Is a website really necessary?

We are often asked “I am a tradesman, do I really need a website?”, and the answer is a definite YES.

More than 85% of people now use the internet to find a local business. So if you are not on the internet you are missing out on lots of work. Despite this, less than 30% of small businesses (and even less for tradesmen) have a website. Read more about whether your small business needs a website…

What is a BLOG?

blogs for seo

Blog is the abbreviation of the original term web log. It is an online version of a diary, and needs to be maintained with regular entries.

For a business a blog can be many things but it usually has topical matters that the business believes to be relevant and of interest to both it’s existing and potential customers. It includes such things as information on new products and services, special offers and in depth technical analysis of a particular topic. If used correctly it is a very powerful marketing tool. Read more about blogs…

SEO – the basics

seo sarch engine optimisation
What is SEO?

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. SEO is the use of various tools and strategies to get your website as high up on the Google search engine results pages as possible. Although there are other search engines, Google is really the only one you need to be bothered about as more than 90% of searches use it. SEO is often confused with the term ‘online marketing’. SEO is one of the many tools that can be used to increase your business’s profile on the internet. Read more about the basic elements of SEO…