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Bing Ads

bing ads logoBing Ads are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to Google AdWords - especially for tradie businesses. It is now estimated that Bing Ads now have over 11% of the search engine market.

Even more interesting is the demographics of Bing users. There is a very definite demographic when it comes to people who use Bing. They are typically over 35 years of age, with an income over $75,000. The majority of Bing users also hold University degrees.

If you have a tradie business that targets this demographic, such as painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc for high end house renovations then Bing could be a great online marketing tool.

It has also known that the average Bing customer spends at least 25% more than customers using other search engines (including Google AdWords).   This is at least partly due to the higher income level of Bing users - but it iss also due to the fact that they are more interested in making a purchase rather than just 'surfing the net'. This is great news as a lot of people do not know that you pay each time someone clicks onto a website.

tradie and bing ads melbourneOne of the best reasons to use Bing Ads is that due to less competition, the cost per click (ie the cost each time someone clicks onto your website) is usually significantly less than Google AdWords. For example, for the travel industry, the cost per click is nearly 30% lower than for Google.

For only $350 (inc GST) we will get your Bing Ads campaign started. Monthly ongoing fees start from $195 per month (plus cost of clicks).

There are NO long term contracts and you will receive a monthly report on how your campaign is performing.

At Dynamic Websites we have proven online marketing techniques to get your website climbing up the Bing rankings and keep it there long term.

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