We Continue to be Google AdWords Certified

Google AdWords is one of the most effective online marketing tools that your company can use. It is a method of advertising on the internet whereby you pay for a small text ad to appear when a person types in certain words (called keywords). It is rapidly replacing the more traditional form of print advertising in newspapers and magazines. In fact, it is now estimated that over 85% of people use the internet to search for a local business.

Due to this large increase in the use of Google AdWords, Google has been working to improve the professionalism of the industry. As part of this initiative it has recently changed its qualification process into a new Google Partners Program and requires Google AdWords exams to be sat and passed each year before a person can call themselves an Google AdWords Certified Professional.

Dynamic Websites is happy to inform its clients that we are keeping up with these changes and John has recently renewed his Google AdWords qualification by passing the annual exam.. He continues to be be very much qualified to help grow your business using Google AdWords.

So why is it important to use a Google AdWords Certified Professional?

By using a Google AdWords Professional you know that they have passed the exams that were set by Google itself and cover important aspects of setting up and managing a Google AdWords campaign. These include:

  • Detailed knowledge of Google products;
  • Advertising best practices, and
  • Campaign management.

Google itself recommends that you use a Google AdWords Certified Professional. Unfortunately the industry has attracted some unscrupulous people, with very little expertise, making promises that cannot be met - eg guaranteeing a specific ad position, or telling you that your organic listing will be improved by using Google AdWords. Often there is a requirement to sign up for one or two years with no ability to terminate the contract - even if you are  receiving poor service and want to terminate your contract

Dynamic Websites specialises in Google AdWords campaigns for small and medium sized businesses. We do not have long term contracts. We also provide a detailed monthly report on your campaign along with regular phone contact to make sure your campaign stays on track.

Click here to find out more about our Google AdWords services or call John on 9078 3319, or email john@dynamicwebsites.com.au

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