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How Google Ads and SEO Help Each Other

21 May 2021
by: Angela

Using Google Ads is a big expense for most small businesses. This is particularly true if you are in a competitive industry. That’s why your Google Ads campaign needs to be run as effectively as possible. By doing this you will maximum your return on investment.

However, most don’t know that running an SEO campaign alongside your Google Ads campaign is one of the best ways to get the most out of your online marketing budget.

That’s why we recommend to our clients to use both Google Ads and SEO at the same time.

Here are three of the top reasons why you should use Google Ads and SEO together:

1. Good SEO makes your Google Ads cheaper

Google Ads is great when you need quick results. This is especially true as SEO tends to be a frustratingly slow process. That’s why we have a lot of clients who use Google Ads while they are waiting for their SEO to ‘kick in’.  In fact, for some small businesses in competitive industries, you may always need Google Ads.

However, Google Ads can be expensive for many small businesses. That’s why it is a good idea to work on your website’s SEO as it will decrease the cost of your Google Ads. This is because Google actually penalises websites that it thinks do not offer a good user experience. As a result, by improving your website and making landing pages that are very specific to your Google Ads, you will be saving yourself some money.

2. Double the amount of information

One of the great things about Google Ads is that you get a lot of information about your campaign quickly. With SEO, it can take months to determine if a particular strategy is working. As a result, if your use information gained from your Google Ads campaign for SEO, it can really speed things up.

Alternatively, SEO is great at uncovering ‘niche’ terms. These terms can then be used to enhance your Google Ads campaign.

3. Double your visibility

Once your SEO kicks in, you will start seeing your website appear on the first page of Google results. If you continue to use Google Ads, it means that you will appear TWICE. As a consequence, you can potentially double the number of people clicking onto your website for the same search.

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