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Mobile Landing Pages for Google AdWords

10 May 2018
by: John Stoneman

Mobile phones are now the most popular way people access the internet. That’s why it has never been more important to be able to get their attention quickly. In fact, you literally only have one or two seconds before they become impatient and click away to find the information they are after somewhere else.

If you are spending money using Google AdWords to get people to your website, unless you have specific mobile landing pages, then you are not getting full value for your marketing budget.

So what can you do to get more sales from your website when people are using their mobile phones?

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1. Landing Page Stripped Down

The way a website page is designed for people using their mobile phones is quite different to a website page designed for people using a desktop computer. People using desktop computers are looking for as much information as possible on what your business is selling. In fact, providing lots of information is one of the best ways to help with your SEO (search engine optimsation) – which in turns makes it easier for people to find your website.

However, people using their mobile phone to find your website don’t want lots of information that they have to scroll through. You need to be able to show everything a person needs to be able to take action immediately – without the need for them to scroll. The trick is to not try and fit too much information onto the screen but to keep it simple and uncluttered – which is actually quite difficult!

2. Calls to Action

The most important part of a mobile landing page is that you need to have a very visible ‘call to action’ button. An example of a call to action button includes ‘Call Now’- great for someone like an emergency plumber. Most importantly, the ‘Call Now’ must be a clickable call.

Other calls to actions include ‘Book Now’ for say a limousine hire company and ‘Shop Now’ for an online shop. Also, you need to make sure the page is designed properly with padding around the button so that the call to action can be clicked on easily.

3. Very Short Descriptions About What you Do

Ideally you should try and describe what you do in about ten words. This is one of the reasons why mobile landing pages need to be very specific. For example, if you build fences each mobile landing page should be about only one specific type of fence – eg picket fences.

4. Headings that are Even Shorter

Headings should be only four words or less (where possible). A great heading for an online shop would be “5% Off Every Order”.

5. Make it Fast

Every second it takes for your landing page to load the greater the chance the person will click away and you will lose a potential sale! There are lots of technical things that can be done to optimise the speed of your mobile landing page and you need to make sure that you use all of them. Ideally the page needs to load within three seconds.

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