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How to Keep your Small Business Website Safe

22 Aug 2023
by: John Stoneman

Unfortunately cyber attacks and threats to websites have increased over the last few years. This means it is not just ‘big corporations’ that are being targeted. Small business websites are now in the sights of hackers.

There are no guarantees that your website will not be the victim of a cyber attack. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of an attack being successful.

By taking the following steps you could save a lot in time and money by preventing a successful attack on your website.

1. Update your website on a regular basis

If your website has not had it’s software updated (including WordPress core, themes and plugins) on a regular basis it can increase the risk of it being hacked. Regular software updates are particularly important if a vulnerability in software has been discovered. If this has happened the software update will usually contain a security patch – that will help keep your website safe.

For clients we host or provide SEO services for, we update their websites on regular basis.

2. Install a SSL certificate for your website

It is essential that all website have a SSL Certificate. A SSL Certificate keeps internet connections secure and prevents hackers  from reading or modifying information transferred between two systems. It is especially important for online shops where sensitive financial  information obtained from customers.

All the websites we design have a SSL Certificate installed.

3. Make your passwords strong

Having strong passwords is one of the easiest ways to keep your website safe from hackers. Despite this, some of the most popular passwords used on websites include ‘123456’ and ‘password’.  To make your password strong remember to use special characters, upper and lower case as well as numbers. Never use the same password twice. This means if you have two websites don’t have the same password for both of them.

4. Prepare for the worst and back up your website on a regular basis

Have a safety net if the worst happens. This means if your website does get hacked, if you have backed it up on a regular basis, it is a lot easier to get it back online. This is because there will be a relatively recent version of your website that you can install.

For clients we either host or provide SEO services for, we make sure their websites are backed up on a regular basis.

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