Over 90% of people now use the internet (mostly using the Google search engine) to search for a service - including finding a tradie.  It is very hard to stand out from the crowd when you are a tradie but if the correct online marketing strategies and techniques are utilised, it is well worth the reward - the reward being an increase in the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining a high ranking position on the Google search engine or using Google AdWords - both of which lead to more customers for your business.

Google AdWords is one of the quickest ways to get more people to your website.  However there are other online marketing techniques (sometimes called search engine optimisation ('SEO') techniques) that can also be used. They usually take longer to have an impact but work very well over the long term.  Google AdWords and online marketing can be used together to create a very powerful toolkit to get your website up the page ranks and stay there.

With it being estimated that over 94% of people searching on the internet only look at the first page of their search results your tradie business needs all the online strategies it can to get.

At Dynamic Websites we have proven online marketing and SEO techniques to get your tradie website climbing up the Google rankings and keep it there long term.



The internet is very crowded - which can make it hard for customers to find you.  Despite this you don't want to miss the opportunities the internet brings as it is now estimated that over 90% of customers are using the internet to find local businesses- including trade services  - such as plumbing, electricians etc. This is why Google AdWords is considered, when implemented and managed correctly, one of the most effective ways for you get customers to your website. Google AdWords is sometimes called Pay per Click (PPC). This means you only pay Google when someone actually clicks onto your website.

The key to a successful Google AdWords campaign is for the person who clicks onto your website to actually engage you to provide a tradie service. This is achieved by carefully considering the keywords to be used as part of the Google AdWords campaign, as well as the careful introduction of negative keywords, to eliminate as much as possible, people clicking on your website who are not really interested in the tradie services you provide..

As we are Google AdWords Certified you know that you are trusting a Google AdWords professional for all your online marketing needs.

For only $275 (inc GST) we will get your Google AdWords campaign started. Monthly ongoing fees start from $175 per month (plus cost of clicks). You get to choose how much you spend on advertising each month, so you are always in control of your campaign. There are NO long term contracts and you will receive a monthly report on how your campaign is performing.

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We design online marketing packages to suit your tradie business - whether it is fencing, plumbing, handyman or painter. There are many tools in our toolkit that we regularly use to increase the number of visitors to your tradie website - common to all online marketing campaigns we implement is a monthly report on how your campaign is tracking.

Some of the online marketing techniques that we use include keyword research, content writing, blog writing, email marketing, link building, directory listings, social media marketing, analytical insights, sitemaps and ease of navigation through website.

For smaller tradie websites one of the best ways to improve your website is to increase its size by creating interesting and unique content that sets you apart from your competitors. We are experts are creating unique content that will drive customers to your website

For only $330 (inc GST) per month we will get your online marketing campaign started. If applicable, this includes one additional page to your tradie website every month. There are NO long term contracts and you will receive a monthly report on how your campaign is performing.

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Stuck for words? Not sure how best to describe the services you provide? If so we can help write the content of your tradie website.

We will listen to you, so that we understand your tradie business and what makes it unique. We will translate this into content that will actively engage your customers and provide them with useful information services you provide.

From a low $110 (inc GST) per page we can create great content for your tradie website that is SEO friendly.

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Dynamic Websites is based in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn but provide web design and online marketing services to small businesses all over Australia.