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Buying a Small Business with a Website

28 Oct 2022
by: John Stoneman

Buying a new business is exciting. There are lots of things to do to make sure nothing is forgotten in the process. One thing that can be forgotten is taking over the website of the business you have just acquired.

However, if the business comes with a well established website that ranks well on Google, it is important to make sure you obtain control of it and that it’s SEO position is retained. If not, you risk the website losing ranking – resulting in a likely decrease in revenue.

Here is a list of a few of the most important matters that you need to think about to make sure you take control of the website:

1. Domain name

A website’s domain name is controlled through .au Domain Administration Ltd who allocate domains and their licensing. This authority is then delegated to companies like VentraIP and Crazy Domains. To take control of a domain name you need access to the Registrar to update details of ownership along with contact details. You also need to change password details for security reasons.

2. Hosting Service

Hosting companies provide the housing, servicing, and the maintenance of the files of a website. Often the Domain Name Registrar and Hosting company are the same organisation, so this can streamline the process.

If this is not the case, you will need to get the hosting details, so you can log in and control the hosting services. You will also need to update the account information and change passwords for security. In addition, you also need to check what Control Software is being used by the host. This is usually cPanel, but Plesk and custom controls are sometimes used. Whatever system is used, you will have to change login passwords.

3. CMS Access

All websites have a CMS (Content Management System), that you need to have administrator login details to use. WordPress is  one of the most popular CMS’. It is also the one we use at Dynamic Websites when designing new websites. It is important to have the site administrator details updated to remove old access and ensure only you (or your appointed web design company) has control.

4. Google Tools

Every website, when correctly configured, will have Google Analytics, Google search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Business Listing, and sometimes other Google services – including Google Ads, Google Optimiser, Google Data Studio, etc. You need to make sure you become the owner of these Google accounts. This is particularly important if you are utilising SEO or Google Ads for the website.

Dynamic Websites specialise in small business web design. We are based in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn and provide services throughout Australia. We understand what it takes to get a small business online at an affordable price and with the minimum of fuss. Along with designing websites for small business, tradies and NDIS service providers we provide online marketing services. Our online marketing for small business extends to Google Ads, Google My BusinessMicrosoft Advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), content writing and, blog writing.

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