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5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Small Business Website

16 Apr 2021
by: Angela

There is a lot to do when running a small business. That’s why keeping your website updated may be a task that gets put onto the bottom of your to do list. However, if it has been a while since you have made any changes to your website, it is likely to be looking a bit out of date. Even worse, it might be putting off potential customers!

So what can you do to quickly spruce up your small business website? Here are 5 of our top tips:

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1. Add new photos

Images are the first thing people see when they visit your website. If you have out of date or even worse, poor quality photos on your home page, it is likely turning people away.  By investing in a few stock photos you can really improve the look of your website. If you are a tradie, visitors to your website like nothing better than seeing recent examples of your work.

2. Simple contact us forms

If you have contact us forms on your website, but haven’t reviewed them for a while, it is a good time to do so. It is always best to keep your contact forms with the minimum number of fields. This is because people don’t want to spend too much time filling out forms – especially if they have to provide personal information they don’t think is relevant.

3. Add more calls to action

All websites need calls to action. A call to action tells the visitor to your website what their next step should be. It could be as simple as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Learn More’ buttons.  If visitors can’t find a way to take that next step quickly and easily, they will leave your website and move onto another website that provides clearer calls to action.

It is also important to have prominent calls to action. Don’t place your only call to action at the bottom of your website page. This is because most people will not read everything you have to say before they are ready to take the next step.

4. Fresh Content and Repurposing Old Content

Give your visitors a reason to come back to your website by updating the content on your website. Better still, repurpose old content. For example, do you have some old blogs that  you have written, that just need a bit of tweaking to make them up to date again? If you can repurpose old content, it is a great way to update your website without reinventing the wheel.

5. Redesign your home page

If you don’t have the time or money to get all of your website updated, then you should consider having your home page redesigned. This is because the home page is the first page most people will see. If you can create a great first impression then you are more likely to change a visitor to a customer.

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