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5 Signs That it’s Time for a New Website

18 Oct 2019
by: Angela

With 97% of people using the internet to find a business, it is very important that your website makes a great first impression.

Unfortunately, a lot of people ‘set and forget’ when it comes to websites. They spent a lot of time and money getting their website online. However, when the website goes online they don’t make any changes for years.

If this is what has happened to your website, then these 5 signs will let you know if it is time for a new website:

1. Your website is ugly

If you have checked out your competitors’ websites and like them better than your own then it is a big sign your website needs to be updated. In fact, checking out your competitors’ websites is a great way to get ideas on what is needed for your new website.

2. Your website is really slow

If your website is slow to load then it is likely that you are losing lots of customers. In fact, Google estimates that over 50% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. However, a lot of websites still take around 15 seconds or more to load. If this is your website, the good news is that there are lots of things that can be done to improve the speed of a website.

3. Your online shop sales have plummeted

Another sign that you need a new website is when you are an online shop and your sales have been decreasing (instead of increasing) over time. The reason could be as simple as not have the latest Buy Now, Pay Later Options like Afterpay. Alternatively, it could be that you need to streamline the sales process. Maybe you need to update your photos to make your products more appealing. Whatever the reason you need to take action to get those sales rolling in again

4. Your website is not mobile responsive

If your website is not mobile responsive it is also likely causing you to lose potential customers. A mobile responsive website is one that can be easily viewed on a mobile phone. It is estimated that by 2025 that nearly 75% of people will only use their mobile phone to search the internet. This means you could be losing out on a lot of customers finding you online.

5. Your website is more than 5 years old

If you website is more than 5 years old it is likely that you need to get it refreshed. The web design world moves at a fast pace, which means that not only will your website be looking old but it has been built using out of date technology. This can mean even making simple changes to your website could be costly.

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