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Does your website need to be mobile friendly?

19 Feb 2015
by: Angela

Yes, every website now needs to be mobile phone friendly.

It is estimated that 95% of mobile phone users have used their phones to search for local businesses – with over 60% of them calling a business after doing a search. With these statistics it is critical that every business has a website that is mobile friendly.

What is a mobile friendly website?

mobile friendly websites

A mobile friendly website is one that can be viewed and navigated easily on a smart phone – eg the Apple iPhone. Although there has been a substantial increase in the use of mobile phones to access the internet, it does not mean that people are not using their computers, it is just that people are finding it increasingly convenient to access the internet ‘while on the go’ – eg on the way to on from work on the train. People are finding using their mobile phones for searching on the internet so convenient that nearly 60% would not recommend a business that did not have a mobile friendly website.

Can a mobile friendly website be found more easily on the internet?

Increasingly the answer is yes.  This is because Google (who are the main search engine for the internet) are now penalising websites that it detects as not mobile friendly. This means that when someone does a search for your type of business, your listing will effectively be ‘demoted’ – the result being that your business will be listed further down the page than it would otherwise would have been.

How can you make a website mobile friendly?

The best way to make a website mobile friendly is to make it a responsive website. This means that the website can recognise what device is being used (eg laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc) and resize itself for optimal viewing. All websites designed by Dynamic Websites are fully responsive.

Are there any other advantages to have a mobile friendly website?

Mobile friendly websites also have the advantage, when designed correctly, of making it easier for people to call your business. This is because there is the ability for them to click on the phone number to activate a telephone call – this is called ‘click to call’. So there is no writing down phone numbers to call later.

Do you have to pay more to have a mobile friendly website?

Some website designers charge an additional fee for making a website mobile friendly. However, Dynamic Websites do not charge any additional fee for making a website mobile friendly.

I already have a website - can I make it mobile friendly?

Some websites can be made mobile friendly – it really depends on the website. Factors such as the age of the website and the software used to design it are important in determining whether an existing website can be made mobile friendly, or if it is better for a new mobile friendly website be developed. Dynamic Websites provide free no obligation reviews of websites to determine if they can be made mobile friendly.

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