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Signs you Need a New Website

26 Feb 2018
by: John Stoneman

Been thinking of updating your website but not sure if it is worth the time and money? If your website has any of the following issues then you need to think about getting a new. If your website still looks good it may be that you only need a few technical issues sorted out. However, if your website is looking old and dated then it may mean you need an entire new website.

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1.Your website is slow to load

If you type in your URL (ie the website address) and your website takes more than a few seconds to load, then the chances are users will not wait. They will likely click away and go to another website selling the same thing. Ideal load time of a website is 1.5 seconds. Slow load times are also one of the leading causes of poor SEO ranking.

There are a lot of factors that lead to a slow loading time, including photos and videos that have large file sizes, complex file formats and too many unnecessary plugins.

2. Your website isn't mobile responsive

With over 80% of people using their mobile phones to search the internet you can’t afford not to have a mobile friendly website. This means that you need a responsive website that changes as the screen size changes. If your website is not mobile friendly then people will click away quickly. Your SEO ranking will also be badly impacted if your website is not mobile responsive – even if people are searching from their desktop computer.

3. Your website is no longer making sales

You have been running a targeted Google AdWords campaign for a while and you used to get quite a lot of enquiries and sales – but lately you have hardly been receiving any. It is likely that your website is the cause of the problem – and there is nothing worse than paying for a Google AdWords campaign and not getting any results from it. This means it is time to pause the campaign and get yourself a new website.

It is often forgotten that it is the website that makes the sale. Google AdWords only gets people to your website. So if you have a poor quality website, Google AdWords is often a waste of money.

4. You have checked out your competitors' websites

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your competitors. If you have done this and you love their websites then it is definitely time for a change. In fact your competitors’ website can be a great place to start to get ideas about how you would like your new website to look like.

Dynamic Websites specialise in small business web design. We are based in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn and provide services throughout Australia. We understand what it takes to get a small business online at an affordable price and with the minimum of fuss. Along with designing websites for small business, tradies and NDIS service providers we provide online marketing services. Our online marketing for small business extends to Google Ads, Google My BusinessMicrosoft Advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), content writing and, blog writing.

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