Web Design PTM Consulting Services Pty Ltd

small business web design ptm consulting services

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our valued client, PTM Consulting Services Pty Ltd.  PTM Consulting Services have been in business since 1993 and specialise in providing security advisory, business support and resource supply services. The business has core values of reliability, trustworthiness, honesty, integrity and respect. The … Read more

5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Small Business Website

small business web design

There is a lot to do when running a small business. That’s why keeping your website updated may be a task that gets put onto the bottom of your to do list. However, if it has been a while since you have made any changes to your website, it is likely to be looking a bit out of date. Even worse, it might be putting off potential customers!

So what can you do to quickly spruce up your small business website? Here are 5 of our top tips::….Read More about 5 Quick Ways to Spruce Up Your Small Business Website

How to Reboot your Online Presence

Most small business found 2020 very challenging. As a result, a lot of small businesses are thinking about the best way to reboot their online presence.

This is especially true as some have had to pivot to meet the challenges that the Covid-19 restrictions have brought.

There are a lot of ways to improve your online presence. The following are just a few of them:…….Read More about How to Reboot Your Online Presence

Web Design MJ Air

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a newly designed home page, as part of our SEO services, for our client MJ Air. The website is found at www.mjair.com.au. MJ Air repair and service all brands of air conditioners, heaters and hot water systems. The areas they work include the East and South … Read more

Web Design Mr Fye

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client Mr Fye.  The website is found at www.mrfye.com.au. Mr Fye is a Brisbane based Comedy Magician with over 20 years of experience in performing magic shows. His many performances include for those for local and international celebrities, schools, christenings, public … Read more

Get the Most out of Your Website in 2021

Most would agree that 2020 has been a tough year for most small businesses. That’s why it’s time to look forward to 2021. As part of this, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your website. By doing this, your small business will be off to a flying start in the New Year…..Get More Out of your Website in 2021

Use your Website to Navigate the Many Challenges of COVID-19

Times are tough for a lot of Australian businesses right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially true if you are a Melbourne business subject to the current Stage 4 restrictions.

As challenging as these times are, there are ways to use your website to navigate through the crisis and stay in contact with your customers. Outlined below are a few ways your business can use it’s website during this crisis and eventually take advantage of the economic recovery when it comes……..More about How to Use your Website to Navigate the Challenges of COVID-19

How to Get the Most Out of Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the best tools a small business can utilise. It is a particularly effective tool for local businesses looking for more customers. Even better, it is a free tool!

We consider Google My Business so important that we incorporate it into most of the SEO plans for our customers.

To get the most of Google My Business, here are some tips to get you started:…..Read more about how to Get the Most out of Google My Business

Online Marketing for All Decked Out

Who they are We are very pleased to be engaged to do online marketing work for one of our valued clients All Decked Out. We designed their website (alldeckedout.com.au) a few years ago. Since then we have been doing SEO for it. All Decked Out is Melbourne’s premier decking company. They have been providing high … Read more

COVID-19 Update from Dynamic Websites

We know the COVID-19 restrictions are affecting many businesses. This includes many Dynamic Websites clients.

We are closely monitoring the restrictions and the impact they are having. Because of this we have suspended in face to face meetings. However, we are still in contact with clients either via telephone or  Zoom.

Other than this measure it is business as usual for Dynamic Websites, as all our staff already work remotely. But, as we know it is not business as usual for a lot of our clients, we are doing a few things to make life easier for our many valued clients……Read more about Dynamic Websites Covid-10 Update

Web Design UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services.  The website is found at www.ueas.com.au. Jack, who owns and operates UNEED Electrical & Appliance Services, already had two existing websites – one for his general electrical services and another one for his appliance repair … Read more

Graphic Design Perfect Care

graphic design perfect care

Who they are We are very pleased to be engaged to do graphic design work for one of our valued clients Perfect Care. We have already designed their website (perfectcare.net.au). Perfect Care is a family owned business that provide the highest level of disability care to NDIS participants. They are supported by a small team … Read more

Web Design A & J Builders

web design a and j builders

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client A & J Builders.  The website is found at www.ajbuilders.com.au. Joe, who owns and operates A & J Builders, already had two websites built by us – being Joe’s Fencing & Gates and JFG Commercial Fencing. When Joe needed a … Read more

Web Design EzyShine Window Cleaning

web design ezyshine window cleaning

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a redesigned website for our client EzyShine Window Cleaning.  The website is found at www.ezyshine.com.au. Con owns and operates this high quality window cleaning service for both commercial properties and residential homes in and around Melbourne. He is one of the best in the business. This … Read more

5 Signs That it’s Time for a New Website

Creative person using a computer

With 97% of people using the internet to find a business, it is very important that your website makes a great first impression.

Unfortunately, a lot of people ‘set and forget’ when it comes to websites. They spent a lot of time and money getting their website online. However, when the website goes online they don’t make any changes for years.

If this is what has happened to your website, then these 5 signs will let you know if it is time for a new website:….Read more about 5 signs it’s time for a new website

Web Design Just For You Cleaning

web design just for you cleaning

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client Just For You Cleaning and Homecare.  The website is found at www.justforyoucleaning.com.au. Ralph and Gabby recently established Just For You Cleaning and Homecare. The business based in the Melbourne inner North West suburb of Avondale Heights and they provide services … Read more

Web Design Football First

web design football first

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client Football First.  The website is found at www.footballfirst. Con Boutsianis and Inma Moreno operate Football First.  Con Boutsianis is an ex international football player and hailed as the Best Free Kick in Australian history. He has developed the Global Improvement … Read more

How to Increase the Number of People Visiting your Website

increase visitors to your website

Quite often people think they only need to build a website for their business and customers will flock to it. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Take the example of a plumbing business – if you type in ‘plumber melbourne’ you will get 33,400,000 results.

It is unrealistic to expect customers will be able to find your plumbing business website with over 33 million search results. This is especially true if your website is new. So what can be done so that your website can be found easily?……. Read more about how to increase the number of visitors to your website

Google My Business – Why you Need It

google my business online marketing melbourne

Google My Business is becoming one of the most important ways for a business to improve their online presence.  Nearly 95%  of people use Google to search the internet.

This means you need to do whatever you can to get an edge on your competition. If you do this, more customers will find you. This means more sales for your business!

It is free to set up your Google My Business account. You first need to verify your address. Once your listing goes live, when people search for a business like yours, the chances of showing up on search results increases……. Read more about why you need Google My Business

How to Make your Website Fail in 5 Easy Steps

website design

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a website that gains you new customers, as well as increasing your sales.

Unfortunately, there are lots of common mistakes people make with their website. These mistakes significantly decrease the chances of the website being a successful marketing tool for their business.

Given how important a website can be to the success of a business it is best to get things right from the start.

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make with their website:……. Read more about how to make your website fail in 5 easy steps

Does your Online Shop need Afterpay?

afterpay online shop options melbourne

There has been a buzz for the last couple of years with Afterpay changing the way people purchase products online. After only a few years it now has over one million users. It is particularly popular with millennials who make up 75% of their client base.

Afterpay’s motto is Shop Now. Enjoy Now. Pay Later. It is essentially a modern form of lay-by. However, you don’t have to wait until you pay for the goods to enjoy them.

It is estimated, depending on your business, that conversions rates (ie the percentage of people who come to your website and go on to make a purchase) can increase by 30%. In addition, people are inclined to spend more when they use Afterpay. In fact it is estimated that they spend up to 60% more.

So if Afterpay a good option for your business?……. Read more about whether your online shop needs afterpay.

Did you Notice a Drop in Clicks to your Website in August?

google ads for tradies

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is ever changing. Google changes it algorithms constantly. This means that your website search engine rank changes too. Sometimes your website drops in ranking and sometimes it increases in ranking.

On 19 August Google announced another change. This change caused many websites to appear to have  quite a significant drop in the number of visitors to a website. It is likely your website was affected by this change. So what does it all mean?……. Read more about the drop in clicks in August 2018…

Five Quick Things to Improve your SEO


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a frustratingly slow process. It can take months (if not longer) to get your website ranking well for highly competitive search terms. However, once  SEO starts working for your website it is very cost effective. This is especially true when compared with the costs of using Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

The good news is that there are some simple things you can do that can have a real impact on your website’s SEO position. Listed below are five quick ways to improve your SEO:……. Read more about 5 quick things to do to improve your SEO…

The Importance of Google Reviews

google reviews

Getting positive reviews from your customers has always been a great way to create trust and increase the profile of your small business.

However, with the advent the digital age, especially with social media, there are lots of places customers can leave reviews. These places include Google, Facebook, Trip Advisor, True Local and Yelp.

With 90% of people saying they are influenced to buy when they read positive review, it is an important part of your business’ marketing plan to encourage customers to leave reviews…. Read more about the importance of Google Reviews…

Should you be using Bing Ads instead of Google AdWords?

bing ads

Bing Ads is a form of pay per click advertising. It is often used as an alternative to Google AdWords. However, some businesses choose to advertise on both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The main advantage of Bing Ads is that it can often be significantly cheaper than Google AdWords.

In Australia, just over 10% of all internet searches are now being done on Bing. This percentage is even higher if you market overseas. For example, in the US, Bing has around 30% of all internet searches done on desktops………. Read more about whether you should use Bing Ads instead of Google Ads…

Web Design for Carers For Life

carers for life web design

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client Carers for Life. Carers for Life was established in response to local community demand for culturally informed, quality disability support services. They provide their services in the Whittlesea region of Melbourne. They are registered NDIS providers. As NDIS providers they provide tailored and flexible … Read more

SEO – Back to Basics

seo search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a form of online marketing that uses various techniques to get a website a high ranking on Google organically. It is usually compared to Google AdWords. The main difference is that if you use Google AdWords you pay every time someone clicks onto your website. Although it can take some time to see SEO results it is very cost effective when it works well, and can completely replace the need for Google AdWords……. Read more about the basics of SEO…

Web Design for Mototronics

web design mototronics

Who they are We are very pleased to introduce a new website for our client Mototronics. They are Melbourne’s very own dedicated auto electrician that can make sure you make the most out of your  motorcycle.  They have their own in-house dyno cell, fully equipped OBD diagnostic station along with qualified staff with a combined … Read more