Does your small business need a website?

websites why you need oneIs a website really necessary?

We are often asked "I am a tradesman, do I really need a website?", and the answer is a definite YES.

More than 85% of people now use the internet to find a local business. So if you are not on the internet you are missing out on lots of work. Despite this, less than 30% of small businesses (and even less for tradesmen) have a website.


Given the low cost of setting up a website, a small business can gain a huge advantage over it's competitors without much in the way of outlay.

Dynamic Websites specialises in websites for small businesses - with a focus on tradesmen - so we can create a stunning website for your small business both quickly and at a low cost.

Traditional advertising in magazines and newspapers is quite costly and is for a limited time. In contrast, websites can be forever, and after the cost of setting up, have minimal ongoing costs. A website can contain lots of information about the services you provide, photographs of your work and testimonials from your customers. All this give your prospective customers the confidence that you can provide the services that they desire.

Types of websites that suit tradesmen are many. A good place to start if your business has never had one before is a simple five page website. Dynamic Websites call this the web design starter package. It is a great way for a tradesman to establish a presence on the internet, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Dynamic Websites creates stunning yet affordable websites.  Find out more about our website packages  (including online shops) or our online marketing services. Give John a call on  (03) 9028 7337  or email to find out more about all the web design services we offer.

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